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High-Risk Solutions is committed to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality excellence in all of our activities wherever we operate.

High-Risk Solutions has a combination of assets, skills, and relationships that place us in a strong position to deliver value-based growth. When making decisions on how to manage our business, we take these, as well as other resources and relationships that are critical to our ability to create value sustainably, into account.


Human Capital 

Developing and Retaining Talent

Social and Relationship Capital 

Strong relationships and proactive engagements with our stakeholders 

Natural Capital 

Protecting the environment

Financial Capital 

Sustainable financial performance through value creation across human social nature and manufacturing capitals

Manufactured Capital 

Managing our assets and infrastructure


 We refer to these as the 5 capitals. Inputs of each are needed for the effective delivery of our services, thereby generating value for all our stakeholder.

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Our Values

Our Values were specifically written to reflect ownership (notice the "we" statements) as well as actionability (notice the verbs in each statement).  This helps us approach our values in a very practical manner.  To further ensure that there is a common understanding of our values and what they imply They are not intended to be rules, as such, but rather to guide individuals and teams in conversations about how to make the values real and so they can be lived on a daily basis.  How values are effectively lived should be firmly grounded in the realities and challenges of each team.  Importantly, once a team has defined this, it should be kept alive through regular reflection, conversation and mutual learning. 

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Promoting the Safety, Health and Wellbeing of our people. Safety is a top priority at High-Risk Solutions: we strive for zero harm. Our approach centres on understanding our risk landscape and managing our activities in a way that eliminates incidents of minimises risk and promote excellence in the performance of our operations.

Our safety approach is built on a strong foundation of leadership and competency and is strengthened by clear policies and procedures relating to safety risk management, leading practice performance standards, incident investigation and behavioural science. At an organisational level, we drive our safety initiatives through a management framework that supports our goal of achieving zero harm and sustainability through a risk-based, standardised and systematic approach. The Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) executive team and senior management across the operations provide visible commitment and lead this effort.

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Important deliveries associated with our environmental footprint. Adopting a transparent approach to environmental compliance and investing capital project's to minimise our environmental footprint.  Having systems in place to monitor and respond to community concerns regarding our environmental performance. Striving to enhance the safety and health impact, and environmental performance of our service